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The pilot project of 300,000-ton crude oil terminal in Bohe New Port Area of Maoming Port started


On the morning of September 30,Amid the roar of engineering vehicles,茂名港博贺新港区再度掀起建设新高潮——茂名港博贺新港区30万吨级原油码头工程先行工程正式开工!滨海新区党工委委员、总工程师张有钦出席并见证了项目开工,Group Party Secretary, chairman Wang Zhihua,Cheng Zhilei, executive director and general manager of CCCC No.1 Aviation Bureau No.2 Company attended the event and made a speech,Group deputy Party secretary, President Xiao Bingzhang presided over the event。

Zhang Youqin pointed out that the mobilization activity of the pilot project of 300,000-ton crude oil terminal project in Maoming Port Bohe New Port Area is a concrete action to implement the development strategy of "building a deep water port and revitalizing coastal Green City" by the municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, and will strongly promote Binhai New Area to build a hundred-billion-level harbor industrial cluster。It is hoped that Maoming Port Group, on the premise of ensuring quality and safety, will strive to complete and put into operation the 300,000-ton crude oil terminal project as soon as possible, so as to lay a solid foundation and accumulate momentum for the high-quality development of Maoming City and Binhai New Area。All relevant departments in Binhai New Area should strengthen the awareness of the overall situation, the awareness of service, the awareness of responsibility and the awareness of cooperation, optimize the construction environment, improve the administrative efficiency, take the initiative to provide coordination services, help solve difficulties and problems, ensure the smooth implementation of the project and speed up the construction。

Wang Zhihua said that the 300,000-ton crude oil terminal project of Maoming Port Bohe New Port Area is a landmark project of Maoming Port to further upgrade the port grade, which is of great significance to improve the layout of the port, enrich the port service function and enhance the port competitiveness。He asked the group to take this mobilization meeting as a new starting point, to promote the annual key project construction target to complete。First, we need to strengthen confidence,Raise your political standing,We should focus on the development strategy of "building a deep water port and revitalizing a green coastal city",Strengthen the sense of responsibility to grasp the steady development of the project,To unify the thinking of the city to seize the project to promote investment 150-day mobilization conference work deployment,We will accelerate the smooth implementation of a 300,000-ton crude oil terminal。Second, work hard,Be proactive,According to the Municipal Party committee and Municipal government on the expansion of Maoming port opening work deployment,Gather one's strength,Refine and quantify the project process and node tasks,We will vigorously promote the construction of the Bohe new Port Port,Ensure the completion of all project objectives,To facilitate the smooth expansion of the port of Maoming。Third, strengthen the leadership of the Party, strengthen the awareness of risk prevention against clean government, strengthen the awareness of bottom line thinking and red line, promote the project construction with fine work style, and temper the style of cadres with project construction, strive to create a high-quality project of Maoming port construction and clean project, and promote the high-quality development of Maoming Port Group。

Cheng Zhilei said,CCCC No. 1 Navigation Bureau No. 2 Company will uphold the glorious tradition of "rather let the sweat float the ship, not let the construction delay one day",We will resolutely shoulder the political responsibilities of central enterprises,Fully implement all work requirements,We will concentrate quality resources and mobilize lean forces,We will give full play to our advantages in technology, equipment and personnel,Strictly control engineering safety, quality and progress,To ensure the early completion and operation of the 300,000-ton crude oil terminal project in the Bohe New Port area of Maoming Port,Contribute to the construction of modern coastal city of Maoming!

It is reported that the 300,000-ton crude oil terminal in Maoming Port Bohe New Port Area is invested by Maoming Petrochemical Bohe Port Terminal Co., LTD., a subsidiary company of Maoming Port Group。The designed bottom elevation of the front waters of the project is -25 meters, which can meet the berthing requirements of 300,000-ton tankers, and the designed handling capacity is 16.5 million tons/year。The total investment of the project is about 17.25亿元。After the completion of the project, the crude oil handling and unloading capacity of Maoming Port will be greatly improved, adding a strong force for Maoming Port to become a regional energy port。

All bureaus of Binhai New Area, Maoming Port Group and all participating units participated in this activity。(He Mengping)

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