Conscientiousness and responsibility as a safeguard measure to ensure production safety really landed

Maoming Port Group to carry out work safety inspection activities before the National Day


On September 29, Wang Zhihua, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Group, led a team to the wharf company under the group and the construction site of projects under construction to inspect the implementation of safety production and epidemic prevention and control before National Day。Xiao Bingzhang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Group, Zhu Guangyu, Vice President and members of the Group's Safety and Environment Committee participated in the inspection。

The inspection team successively went to the dock loading area, grocery storage area, wharf, storage area, public pipeline corridor, crew passageway and other projects construction site,Supervision and inspection of work safety, fire safety, epidemic prevention and control, emergency duty and other work through on-the-spot inspections, random checks and questions,Convey the spirit of "Be the first responsible person for safe production" report meeting and provincial and municipal emergency system safety prevention meeting before and after the National Day holiday。Under examination,王志华要求各单位要认真贯彻落实习近平总书记关于安全生产重要指示精神和党中央、国务院决策部署,Always tighten the string of safety production,In-depth analysis and judgment of territorial security risks,Draw lessons from recent typical accidents,We must resolutely shoulder the political responsibility of "ensuring the safety and stability of the other side",Check, discover and handle all kinds of production safety hazards in a timely manner,Keep the bottom line of safe production work,With good preventive effect and stable working situation,To meet the victory of the Party's 20 Congress。

Zhihua Wang stressed,一要Enhance the sense of responsibility, adhere to the concept of security。All units should enhance their sense of responsibility and responsibility,Adhere to the "high standards, strict requirements, more supervision, emphasis on efficiency" to promote the Group Implementation of the Special Protection period of work safety guarantee plan in place,With a sense of responsibility, we will do our best to prevent and control the epidemic, work safety and maintain stability during the special protection period。二要Highlight the key parts, focus on the key links。All units should take precise measures in accordance with the preliminary risk screening, classification and control list, consolidate the security guarantee responsibility, keep an eye on the key parts, fully implement the "self-knowledge, self-examination and self-reform" when finding hidden dangers, strengthen the management of handling dangerous chemicals, firmly grasp the safety of equipment and facilities, and deepen the risk management of special operations。三要Adhere to prevention first, grasp solid basic management。All units should conscientiously implement the deployment of provincial and municipal video conference on epidemic prevention and control, safety and stability work,Strengthen problem orientation and supervision guidance,Comb through your to-do list,Strengthen the daily maintenance of equipment,Plug blind spots and leaks at the source,We will focus on grassroots construction, basic work and basic skills training,Ensure the implementation of safeguards such as system implementation, clear responsibilities and implementation of measures.。四要We need to consolidate the responsibilities of all parties and focus on regular epidemic prevention。All units should always tighten the REINS of epidemic prevention and control,The latest provincial and municipal guidelines on epidemic prevention and control have been strictly implemented,坚持疫情应急处置和常态化防控两手抓两手硬;压紧压实属地、部门、单位、个人“四方责任”,We will strengthen health publicity and guidance,Take Personal responsibility,We will strictly implement epidemic prevention measures at gates, gates and other key locations,Keep scanning the "place code"。五要Strengthen the on-duty duty, improve the emergency system。All units should improve the contingency plan and strengthen the frequency of drill, and specify the emergency treatment steps to ensure the rapid response, effective response and timely handling of emergencies。During the National Day period, the implementation of the leadership shift and key posts 24 hours on duty, strict duty discipline, smooth information communication mechanism, serious accountability for AWOL, dereliction of duty。(陈智)

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